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Frequently Asked Questions

1. "Can I customize the size or colors of a specific painting?" 

2. "What materials are used in the paintings, and are they authentic?"

3. "How do you ensure the fair compensation of the Aboriginal artists?"

4. "What is the shipping cost and delivery time for international orders?"

5. "Do you offer any certificates of authenticity with the paintings?"

6. "Can I return or exchange a painting if it doesn't meet my expectations?"

7. "Are the artists directly involved in the sales process or exhibitions?"

8. "Can I commission a specific painting or request a personalized design?"

9. "What inspired the artists for the paintings available in your shop?"

10. "Are there any care instructions for maintaining the quality of the paintings?"


1. Yes, we offer customization options for size and colors on select paintings. Please contact us for details.

2. Our paintings use contemporary materials such as oil paint on canvas and additional acrylic products. In the future, we plan to move on to authentic materials such as traditional ochre pigments on bark.

3. This business is solely owned by the Aboriginal artist.

4. Shipping costs and delivery times for international orders vary. Enquire for pricing.

5. Yes, each painting comes with a certificate of authenticity to ensure its genuine origin.

6. We have a 45-day return and exchange policy. Please review our terms and conditions for details.

7. The artist is directly involved in all sales and exhibitions. To stay up to date, subscribe!

8. Yes, you can commission a specific painting or discuss personalized design requests with us.

9. Our artists draw inspiration from traditional stories, Dreamtime, and their cultural heritage.

10. Care instructions can be found on our Blog Page

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